Tips to Choose Paint Colours for Open Floor Plan

Importance of choosing the right colour for the right room in the house

The open floor plan has become popular among the homeowners as it brings people together and provides plenty of natural light. For smaller homes, it makes the smaller space appear larger. But, painting an open floor plan is a tedious task as choosing the wrong colour can make the whole area look dull, smaller, and boring. So, talk to your house painters in Sydney to choose the right colours to paint and decorate the open living space.

Choose a Neutral Colour

When choosing a colour scheme for an open floor plan, don’t consider too many colours. Always choose a neutral colour that helps you to get more creative with your furnishing and reflect your personal style and taste.

Enhance Tone

Try toning up to add a bit of uniqueness to your living area. Use a single, lighter colour and build up to a darker tone to change the intensity and create this look. It’s an excellent option for people who are looking to create a subtle, charming look for their open floor plan. Ask your house painters in Sydney for suggestions.

Utilize Strong Colours

Even if you choose neutral colours, you can add bold colours to highlight certain areas of space. You can include a pop of colours in areas such as behind the sofa, or stove to create a stopping point when looking over the room. Breaking up space with bright colours can bring a sense of comfort to the room.

Employ Various Finishes

Add some texture to your space by choosing a decorative finish, if you are not a fan of using too many colours. You can select striping, colour washing, or sponging to establish your chosen colour scheme.

Colour Asymmetry

Highlight statement pieces and areas such as window panes, inside doorways, areas of the ceilings and even your staircases using vibrant colours to create a dynamic and eye-catching space.

One of the innovative ways to choose a colour scheme for your open-floor plan is to use a darker shade to break up the interior. Paint walls with soft tones such as creams and greys and windows with darker blue or black to create a more sophisticated look. Painting ceiling beams, cabinets, and large bookcases in your living space with a similar colour help your space to blend well. Also, ask your painters in Sydney to paint radiators and ducts in same colour.

The Bottom Line

Follow the painting tips listed above to create a stylish and perfect colour scheme for your open-floor plan in no time. Talk to our residential painters in Sydney for more information.