Tips to Save Money While Working with a Residential Painting Contractor

Importance of choosing the right colour for the right room in the house

Renovating your home? Redecorating or renovating always involves a painting project. You’ll need to hire house painters in Sydney when the scope and size of the project are more than any DIY. When you hire a professional painting contractor, he will do a thorough and quality job quickly, which could not be achieved by any DIY. By hiring the right residential painters in Sydney, you are getting a professional finish under a controlled budget. Here we’ve listed a few different ways that help you to save money when hiring a professional house painter.

Do the Prep Work

One of the biggest challenges of taking up a painting job is preparing the rooms. It’s time-consuming, and a poorly prepped job can waste your time and resources. So, it’s imperative to carefully clean and make sure that the surface is suitable for painting. This is often handled by the painting contractor, but if you could do some of it beforehand, you can save more on the labour costs. Talk to your painting contractor regarding this while getting the quote so that the painters need not waste their time on prepping up the rooms, and this results in cutting down unwanted expenses.

Buy Materials and Equipment Directly

Purchasing the paint and other materials yourself is one of the simplest ways to save more money. It eliminates the quote the painting contractor has on the materials. Not every contractor agree to this, but you can ask them whether they can accommodate your request. Also, when you are buying paint and other materials, make sure that you are purchasing the same brand and grade because this allows the painters to be familiar with the product.

Get Referrals and Recommendation

To get the best deal when booking professional painters in Sydney, get referrals and recommendations from your friends and families. By doing this, you may be eligible to referral bonus, seasonal discounts, and other offers that aren’t listed online. Moreover, getting referrals gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are hiring professionals with proven results.

Book Multiple Jobs

Planning to repaint a single room or the interior or exterior of your home? One of the best ways to save money is to book multiple jobs as some of the residential painters provide discounts for booking a large project when compared to painting a small room. So, when planning to get a paint job, list all your painting needs and book all the services at once to get them done quickly and minimise cost.

The Bottom Line

Home improvement isn’t cheap! Stick to the above guidelines and set a budget to help you save money on your painting project.