Tips to Stay Open When Painting Your Business Space

Commercial painting Sydney

Giving your office or retail space new paintwork not only improves the look but also shows your customers that you care about even the simple details. Repainting your business place with the colours that are in current style builds your customer’s trust in you. Unfortunately, painting your business space disrupts your day-to-day business activities. So, it’s easy for you to procrastinate. But, don’t put it off! With careful planning, you can still get your building painted without closing the doors of your business. Here, our commercial painters Sydney have listed a few tips to stay open when painting your business place.

Create Zones

Based on the size of your business, you can create zones so that one area of your business gets painted while the other areas are open for operations. You can move the desks for a day and divert the foot traffic to another area for a short time. According to commercial painters Sydney, getting commercial paintwork done without setting up zones is challenging and results in a complete mess.

Negotiate Workable Hours

Aren’t you open 24×7? Ask your commercial painting contractors Sydney if they can work during the closed hours. You can also inquire them if they can work on weekends when your employees are at home. This could help you remain open during business hours and get your paint job completed.

Inform Your Customers and Employees

Notify your customers and employees about the painting job through various communication channels. Inform them when the painting is going to begin, where the painting is taking place, and what measures they can take to minimise the disruption.

In addition to this, create an unoccupied zone between your business and where the paintwork is taking place to lower the noise. This keeps the air quality protected and reduces the disturbances to the employees and customers. Follow these steps to get your commercial painting Sydney done right without any losses.