Use These Colours in Your Facility to Boost Productivity


It’s no secret that colours can change and influence our emotions. That’s why we insist our commercial project clients consider colour psychology when undertaking a commercial painting Sydney project. Colour can influence creativity, productivity, and mood at work. Most big brands paint their facility based on colour psychology to create a warming, nurturing, and productive workplace.

That said, picking the right colours for your office can be tricky. That’s we, commercial painters Sydney, have shared the best office colours you need to incorporate into your workplace:-


Blue is the go-to choice of many businesses as it’s scientifically proven that shades of blue make the working environment encouraging and productive. It’s an intellectual colour that represents logic, trust, communication, and efficiency. You could use different shades of blue as the primary colour in areas that requires focus and concentration.


Yellow is an energetic colour, representing friendliness, creativity, confidence, and optimism. Try to incorporate yellow into areas where you want to stimulate creativity and positivity.


We have seen many facilities embracing shades of green in their workplace. It’s a great colour, especially in offices that require people to work long hours and rotational shifts.


If the nature of your industry’s job involves a lot of physical activity or need to be alert mentally, red is the productive colour that you’re looking for. However, make sure not to overdo red as they might cause aggression. Our commercial painters Sydney can give ideas to incorporate red into your office subtly.


Orange can stimulate both mind and body and represent happiness and determination. For boosting productivity, complement orange with other shades as too much orange is not advisable for a working environment.

As you see, colours in the office are much more than aesthetics. You have to harness the colours in your facility. When done right, office colours can improve productivity, moods, and sharpen the focus. Contact our commercial painting contractors Sydney to learn how our office colour solutions can accommodate your needs.