Wallpapering Vs. Painting – Which is The Best Option?

Wallpapering Vs. Painting – Which is The Best Option?

The walls of your home can be transformed at any time with the help of paint or wallpaper. While a spacious room can instantly be changed to a cosy space with wallpaper, a dramatic room can be made soft and airy with a fresh coat of paint. But, whether to choose wallpaper or paint when it comes to the makeover of the walls can be daunting. There are pros and cons of using both options. When you analyse it, you can choose the best that suits your lifestyle and budget. In general however, wallpaper is used as an accent, to highlight certain areas of the house, or a room or space, and should be used to complement the painting, rather than be used to decorate entire interiors.


The time taken to prep the wall for both wallpapering and painting should be considered when deciding. If you are painting a damaged wall, you need to prep the wall before applying a fresh coat of paint, which could be costly. When it comes to wallpapering, removing existing wallpaper is a tedious task and it consumes a lot of time, so these kinds of factors need to be considered. However, painting with the help of the residential painters Sydney in most cases, should be considered as the primary, and wallpaper the complementing means of freshening up your walls.


Both the wallpaper and paint range from low end to high end when it comes to cost. Wallpaper is more expensive as you have to purchase the rolls, supplies, and have it installed. Painting is relatively cheaper and requires a fewer supplies. However, high-end paints can be expensive. For an exact quote, you need to approach the residential painters Sydney.

Selection & Durability

Both paint and wallpapers come in a range of varieties and colours. While wallpaper comes in paper, vinyl, fabric and other surfaces for finishing, paint is available in various sheens and glosses. Your lifestyle helps to determine which finish you need. Wallpapers are durable, but it is not suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. This is not the case with the painting. Get assistance from painting contractors Sydney for choosing the right colour that suits your home décor.

If you are on a tight budget, we, Colour Life Painting, the best house painters Sydney, would recommend painting. If you want to give your house subtle or bold colour and character accents, then using wallpaper can give a huge ‘wow’ factor.