What Is The Best Colour To Paint A Child’s Room?

Why green should be the colour of choice for your next project

Choosing a colour scheme for the kid’s room is a lot of fun, as it calls for a lot of creativity. You will be filled with a lot of questions like, how much colour you should put in the room? Will it make the room appear spacious? Will it be bright? Will my child like it? These are a few common questions that usually people debate about. Don’t worry, whether your child is calm, energetic or playful, here are a few colour schemes from the house painters Sydney that will help choose the right colour for your kid’s room.


The most unexpected and gender neutral colour. This particular hue is chirpy and spring-like. The experts say that the colour green has calming properties which enhances creative thinking, soothes them to sleep and makes an ideal backdrop for bedtime story. It is also said to improve attentiveness and reading ability. The painting contractors suggest bringing nature into your kid’s room by painting the walls in shades of green like – Apple, Olive, Mint, Sea foam, Aquamarine or Wintergreen.


This is another gender-neutral colour that you could consider for your kid’s room. This is a very warm colour, which converts your ordinary space into a cosy one. You could stick to either lighter shades, rich chocolate tones or pair with soft neutrals. This classic and earthy tone helps keep the children more stable, creating a substantiated environment. The residential painters suggest being careful when choosing the brown shades, as too much of brown colour can darken the room considerably. In case, your child is fretful or has an irritable nature, brown is not advised.


Researchers suggest that blue shades decrease the feeling of anxiety, depression and lowers blood pressure and heart rates. In case, if you have a child who throws tantrums or has behavioural problems, painting the room in blue can offer soothing effects. The painting contractors suggest using Aqua blue, pale turquoise or Powder blue.


This wonderful colour brings in a feeling of happiness and cheerfulness.  Yes, what could be merrier to wake up in a room steeped in sunshine? If you are going to choose this colour for your kid’s room, opt for fresh yellow tones paired up with warm colours. This colour is sure to create an energetic mood and aid in concentration.


Associated with royalty, this colour is considered to be the best option for any part of the house. You can consider mild purple accents on the decorative aspects or pillows. But, make sure that you do not overdo it, as it leads to morose feelings.