What Will Happen When You Don’t Prep the Wall Before Painting?

Painters in Sydney

Whether you’re painting or repainting your house, there’s always one thing that expert painters in Sydney would never skip – preparing the walls/surface before applying a fresh paint. So before picking up your paint and brush, you should make sure that the wall is thoroughly cleaned and dried up. Washing the wall can be hard, but in order to get the best results for your paint job, the pros highly recommend you do the same. Here’s what happens when you don’t prepare the surface before painting:

The Results Won’t Last Long:

When you paint over a glossy or peeling surface, the paint job won’t stand the test of time. Before applying a fresh coat of paint, the surface must be clean and free from dirt. Primer should be adequately applied based on the surface you’re painting on, such as metal, wood etc. Expert painters in Sydney will remove chipping, flaking, or peeling paint, so that the new paint will stick to the surface for long.

Wall Imperfections will Impact the Paint Job:

A surface is cleaned and prepared before painting not just for the sake of appearance, but to eliminate imperfections too. The presence of cracks and holes can interfere with your paint job, and lead to problems in the future. Certified painters will address these issues before moving ahead with painting.

Dirt /Dust will Damage the New Paint:

Professional house painters in Sydney can’t emphasise enough the importance of cleaning the walls before exterior painting. You will notice dust, mould, and more coming off when using a power washer, even if the walls don’t seem to be dirty. Even though power washing is effective, professional painters recommend hand scraping to remove the existing paint and get rid of dirt from the surface.

Qualified residential painters in Sydney will always prep the surface to avoid any costly errors. As the results last longer, you won’t have to repaint the walls as often as you normally would.