4 Best Paint Colours for Commercial Properties

4 Best Paint Colours for Commercial Properties

Did you know that paint colours can influence the mood of your employees and customers? Colour psychology is a concept that is pretty important in commercial painting. Choosing the right colour will influence the productivity of your staff, as well as the purchase decisions of your customers. Here are the best paint colours recommended by the commercial painters Sydney for your business:


Green is gaining more relevance in brand design or logos. Companies represent their sustainability efforts with this colour. Green is also the colour that is associated with nature, so choosing this for your business space will make your employees and customers feel better.


Grey is more of a neutral colour that gives people a peace of mind.  It is also the choice of many offices to express professionalism. The commercial painters Sydney suggests combining grey with other colours in your brand, and incorporate the colour scheme to your office space. Your customers will be impressed by the creativity.


Have you noticed popular social media networks, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, using this colour on their websites? Blue is more about efficiency, calmness, and communication. This is why several businesses choose this paint colour for their offices. Encourage your staff to communicate and reduce their stress by using blue as the base colour for commercial painting Sydney.


Red is yet another popular choice of many brands. It creates a sense of attention and urgency, which is why it is perfect for use in restaurants, as well as in places that offer discount sales. Use this colour only when your business can associate with it. Red is also ideal for meeting rooms where attention and focus are super important.

Talk to the skilled commercial painting contractors Sydney who will help you choose the right paint colour for your office space.