4 Recommended Paint Colours for Your Dining Room

4 Recommended Paint Colours for Your Dining Room

Research shows that colours have an impact on human emotions. This is also why the concept of colour psychology is utilised by businesses to influence their customers’ purchase decisions. Paint your dining room with colours that positively impact your appetite. These are the 4 paint colours suggested by the expert painters in Sydney:


Green is all about freshness and is a colour that everybody loves, as it relates with nature. Dining rooms that are painted green encourages healthy eating. Make sure that you are picking the right shade of green to add that brightness you require in your dining room.


Red is a colour that exudes energy and enthusiasm. It also instigates social interaction and is said to increase one’s appetite. This is why a majority of restaurants paint their property red. The painters in Sydney suggests not pick a shade that is too strong or too bright.


People often confuse between turquoise and blue. While blue is found to reduce one’s appetite, turquoise does the exact opposite. You might have noticed certain restaurants serving dishes on turquoise plates, and it’s meant to stimulate the diners’ appetite. Hence, this is yet another perfect paint colour for interior painting in Sydney.


Yellow is a positive colour that creates a sense of happiness in people. This paint colour encourages anyone to eat better. Yellow symbolises sunny days that people enjoy outdoors. Therefore, painting your dining room yellow will make it look more spacious and engaging.

Go for any of the aforementioned paint colours for your dining room. Talk to the experts of interior house painting in Sydney, if you have any questions.

Resource Box: The author is working in a leading company offering interior house painting in Sydney. He regularly writes on residential and commercial painting topics online.