4 Signs that It’s Time for a New Paint Job for Your Business

Painting Commercial Property

Wondering how often do you need to repaint your business? Our commercial painters in Sydney suggest you look into the following three major factors to repaint your commercial building.

  • Climate
  • Quality of the material
  • Skill Level of the commercial painting contractors you choose

There are also other factors that cause the deterioration of your existing paint, and they are intense sunlight, excess moisture, rain, and more. In order to preserve the visual appeal and value of your commercial property, it’s vital to know when to repaint your property. Generally, you can say that it’s time to give your commercial building a new paint job when it starts to show the first signs of deterioration. Identifying these signs at the earliest helps us to prevent extensive and even irreparable structural damages. Here, our commercial painters in Sydney have listed a few warning signs that call for repainting your business.

1. Fading of Paint Colour:

Fading paint isn’t just a cosmetic issue, but it indicates premature deterioration of the paint system. Lightening of paint colour can be caused by the usage of low-quality paints, over tinting paints, and more. When the colour is faded, the paint can no longer give the level of protection required.

2. Spidery Cracks:

Another sign of paint failure is cracking in the paint film that doesn’t expose the surface. When unattended, these cracks can extend and result in additional issues such as peeling of paint, rotting of wood, and more.

3. Paint Blisters:

Localised loss of adhesion leads to bubbles in the paint film, and it occurs when the paint is applied in direct sunlight or hot surfaces, or exposure to high humidity, or rain.

4. Excessive Dirt

Dirt build-up causes your paint to look dull and affects the curb appeal of your business. This prevents new customers from walking into your doors and affects your business performance. So, pressure washing is the ultimate choice for anyone who wants to clean their wall. But, this may fail to remove larger stains. If it affects the look of your business, it’s time to repaint your commercial building.

Commercial or strata painting is an easy way to improve the curb appeal of your business. If you are facing any of these warning signs, you may want to repaint your business. So, contact our painters in Sydney to apply a fresh coat of paint, and give your business a fresh, clean start.