Commercial Painting – Give Your Business an Edge

Strata Complex Painting

Did you know running a successful business isn’t all about productivity? It stems from different factors, including problem-solving, creativity, communication, hard work, teamwork, and more. According to commercial painters in Sydney, you can encourage problem-solving skills and communication, and boost the creativity of your employees by choosing the right paint colours for your office.

Avoid Bland Hues

Did you know painting your office space with bland hues such as white, beige and grey distracts employees and instil feelings of sadness and depression? Even though white is often used in professional settings and for strata painting in Sydney, it’s associated with boredom and lack of creativity. On the positive side, white is linked to cleanliness and minimalism, but ensure that it’s not the only colour present. Instead, add a pop of colours to keep your employees brisk and active.

Add Red to Improve Team Performance

Do you have a high-pressure sales team? If you want your business to be a great success, your sales team wants to stay on the top of the game every time. Adding red to your office space invokes feelings of passion, assertiveness, excitement, and energy, which in turn improves your team performance. The red colour is productive, and it’s used in places where you need to do a lot of physical activity or stay mentally alert.

Blue to Invoke Open Communication

Are you looking for ways to encourage open communication in your office space? Then ask your commercial painting contractors in Sydney to paint your office building in various shades of blue. Blue is often a great choice for businesses because people often associate it with trust, calm, dependability, and more. Since the colour is authoritative, it invokes open communication in your office space. Moreover, it’s an intellectual colour that stimulates your mind and motivates you to concentrate more on your work.

Yellow for an Energetic Ambiance

This sunny positive colour exudes fresh and energetic ambience. Yellow inspires minds to innovate and is suitable for places where artists, designers, developers, and other creative professionals work. It’s also called as mental colour as it improves the attention level of employees.

Green Reduces Anxiety and Stress

A dash of green colour into your office space is a great way to boost creativity and reduce stress. It creates an intense connection with Mother Nature and Earth and produces a harmonising effect on employees. It’s also suitable for office spaces where you need to work for long hours. This colour gently stimulates the mind and less tired workers results in higher efficiency and improved productivity.

Colours influence emotion in both positive and negative ways. So, if you are looking for commercial or strata painting in Sydney, ensure that you choose the right colours to create a positive and productive work environment.