Exploring the Dos and Don’ts When Selecting Paint Colours

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Choosing the colours for your house can be both exciting and intimidating. Sometimes, it could also be overwhelming as there are many shades to choose from. You may be inspired by magazines, Pinterest boards, or Instagram posts. But, will it suit your home’s architectural style and budget? You could be feeling lost when you put those ideas together. Here are the Dos and Don’ts you need to consider when painting your house as shared by our painting contractors:-


It is essential to consider the colour of your floor when choosing a paint colour for the walls. Yes, both the shades should blend well together. However, people have the tendency to ignore the largest surface of the house and its’ existing shade. Hence, make sure to consider the colour of your floors before deciding on a colour palette for your interiors.

It is not necessary to avoid all colours. Since colours add interest to the room and affect a person’s mood, stick with neutrals if the décor elements are bold and vice versa.

Make sure to create a colour theme by consulting the house painters Sydney to enhance the beauty of a room.


The paint hues you see in the stores may look different on the walls of your house. This is because you will be seeing the colours under the paint shop’s lighting condition that is bright. How actually a paint colour will look like could be identified only when it is painted. That is why it is essential to try the colours before choosing one.

Don’t hesitate to call in a professional painter. There may be many colours to choose from, but if you choose to work with residential painters, decision-making will be much easier for you.

Don’t overlook the existing colours in your house. Consider the existing colours of your house when picking a shade for a room. Your furniture, artwork, carpets, window treatments, and other décor elements should complement the colour of the wall in a space.

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of selecting house paint colours, consult a professional painter for colour consultation.