Hide Defects, Dents, and Dings with the Right Paint

Hide Defects, Dents, and Dings with the Right Paint

As a business owner, you want your commercial property to look as beautiful and welcoming as possible. But, most of the times, walls may have a couple of dents and dings. One of the standard techniques to even out the surface is to lightly sand the surface, use drywall compound to fill the dents and smooth with grain sandpaper. If you are facing dents and dings even after using this technique, you can hide them using the right paint.

Use a Pattern or Textured Paint

Dents and defects become visible on your commercial walls due to different angles of reflection of light on the wall surface. Your commercial painters in Sydney use textured paints or create patterns on the wall to reduce the visibility of these imperfections and make it harder for the eyes to identify them. Paint with heavier texture does the best job of camouflaging imperfections.

Flat Finish Paint

As stated earlier, dents and defects become visible due to different angles of reflection of light on the wall surface. When you use flat finish paint, it reduces the amount of light reflected off the wall.

Choose Dark Colours

Commercial painting contractors in Sydney often recommend dark colours for commercial walls as it hides defects pretty much similar to the flat finish paint.

Choose High-Quality Paints

Did you know the quality of paint has a significant impact on the overall appearance of your commercial building and make your space welcoming? So, whenever you are choosing paints for commercial or strata painting, stay away from inferior quality paints. When you are choosing inferior quality paint, you’ll be left with improper coverage and less durability. It also pushes you to repaint your commercial space very often. But, high-quality paint enhances the aesthetics of your workplace, lasts long, and helps you to save more. So, while choosing commercial contractors, make sure to ask them about the quality of the paint to ensure that you get a flawless finish.

Surface Prepping

Before you start looking for commercial painters in Sydney, you must pay attention to surface preparation. The right prep work will cover all sorts of imperfections and help you to get smooth and flawless paint finishes. While preparing the surface, make sure to clean as precisely as you can because dirt, debris, stains may prevent your paint from adhering to the surface. This results in additional headaches like peeling, blistering, cracking, and more.

Do you want to make your commercial walls speak and keep them look great for a lifetime? Hire the right commercial painting contractors equipped with the right tools and employ advanced paint protection techniques to give you outstanding results.