Strata Complex Painting – It’s More than Taking Care of the Surface of the Building

What brush should you use?

Strata painting in Sydney comes with its own share of challenges and difficulties. With the harsh Australian climate, the external surfaces of your strata building can deteriorate, and requires continuous maintenance to avoid any structural damage. So, it’s imperative to choose the right strata commercial painters in Sydney to make sure that the surface is well-protected and contribute more to the overall curb appeal of the complex. Poor workmanship and the use of inferior products can create a negative impact on the strata complex.

Begin with a Walk-through

The first step in planning a strata painting project is to schedule a walkthrough with strata or commercial painting contractors in Sydney to analyse the following:

  • Project expectations
  • Timeline
  • Budget
  • Products required

Plan ahead and discuss it with the painting contractors to make sure that you haven’t missed out anything essential, and there are no delays on the project timeline.

The Importance of Updating Your Strata Complex Painting

Did you know the first look of your business can leave a positive or negative impact on your customers? For any business, creating a positive image amongst their customers is vital, and investing in the physical appearance of your strata complex can set the foundation for a customer’s initial experience. Unlike residential or commercial painting jobs, strata complex painting involves deep cleaning and maintenance to achieve the desired results.

  • The Longevity of the Building: Strata painting in Sydney involves deep cleaning the surface of your building to remove harsh elements such as dust, dirt, and grime. It ensures that your building looks fresh for a long time, and the waterproof filming and other coatings limit the effects of rain, storms, and UV rays.
  • One Time Investment: Strata Complex Painting can be expensive, yet it’s one of the best ways to save time and money wasted on annual building maintenance.
  • Asbestos Upkeep: Strata painters are well-equipped and aware of the different ways to deal with any areas of asbestos.

Different Aspects that Contribute to the Strata Complex Painting

Unlike regular commercial units, painting a strata property is much more complex, and there are a few aspects to consider:

  • Parties involved: Strata Manager, Strata Committee, Body Corporate, and Strata Painters
  • Budget
  • Working to ensure minimal disruption
  • Choosing a colour scheme that suits everyone’s needs and wants
  • Following high safety standards for high rise buildings with more foot traffic

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to modernise or update the strata complex painting? Choose the right professionals with substantial experience in strata commercial painting to transform the look of your property.