Tips to Ensure that Your Commercial Building is Painted Properly

What brush should you use?

There are many factors to consider choosing the right paint colour for your business. Commercial painters in Sydney know how important it is to give your business a professional appearance that will impress your customers. Our painting contractors in Sydney propose some tips to ensure that your commercial building is painted properly.

Exterior Paint Colour Selection

The considerations for choosing the right colour selection for your business exterior are,

  • Size – Since most of the commercial buildings are large, consider a neutral palette to have a professional appearance.
  • Architecture – Different styles of commercial buildings have a distinct flavour that lends itself toward particular colours. Choose colours that are appropriate for the architecture of the building.
  • Surrounding areas of the building – It includes the landscaping, other buildings in the area, the size of your lot and existing parking, driveways, and walkways.

Interior Paint Colour Selection

The atmosphere you wish to create for your staff and clientele plays a vital role in deciding the interior paint colour of your office, showroom or shop. It is essential the colours you use are consistent with your brand and the perception of your business you want to give your customers. Some effects that colours have, for consideration, and are recommended by Sydney painters are,

  • Blue – A calming colour that inspires productivity
  • Green – It imparts positive energy into any space
  • White – A neutral colour that sets the perfect base for all your decorations
  • Orange – Bright colourful orange adds positive vibe to your team
  • Purple – An effective colour that adds a touch of dramatic satisfaction

Of course, your neutral palettes are simple, clean and can be the perfect backdrop to the atmosphere of your business that you want to create.

Building Preparations

Important things to consider when preparing your commercial building for painting are,

  • Power washing
  • Remedial repairs, including concrete cancer, render repairs, cracking
  • Moisture problems
  • Removing all flaking, peeling and bubbling paint, and creating suitable surfaces for the new paint.
  • Re-priming surfaces to ensure the new paint will stick properly and last as long as possible.

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