Tips to Keep Your Business Open When Painting

Tips to Keep Your Business Open When Painting

Painting your business will keep things looking nice and show your customers how much you care about them. Hiring commercial painters in Sydney to update your business space with current colours and styles instils trust and confidence in your clients. But, a painting project can disrupt your day-to-day activities, and some businesses even consider closing down while painting. So, here our commercial painters in Sydney have listed a few tips to keep your business open throughout the painting project.

Create Zones

Break up your business area into different zones depending on the size of your business to make sure that only one area is painted at a time. This helps you to divert the foot traffic for a few days and makes it easier for you to move desks for a day. If you aren’t setting up zones, the whole area will become chaos. If possible, create an unoccupied zone between your area of business and the painting area. It lowers noise, protects air quality, and minimises any disturbance for your customers and employees.

Negotiate Working Hours

Ask your commercial painting contractors in Sydney whether they can work during closed or slow hours of the day or the weekend. This allows you to escape from unnecessary distractions that will interrupt your regular work hours.

Notify Your Customers and Employees

Notify people who will be distracted by the strata painting in Sydney through signs or announce in a staff meeting. This reminds people when the painting work is going to begin and where it is taking place. It tells your customers what to expect and minimises complaints. You can also announce the temporary disruption to your customers through e-mail newsletters or social media.

Install Barriers

When painting your commercial buildings, keep air quality appropriate and in check by installing containment barriers. Talk with our painters to figure out what to use to avoid air pollution.

React to Complaints Wisely

Whenever there is a painting project or renovation project, you will get complaints from your customers. So, prepare a plan to handle them wisely. Whenever you provide a prompt and calm response, your customers believe their comments are valued, and they keep coming back to your business later. So, assign a staff to answer and take care of all the complaints you are receiving from your customers related to your painting or renovation project.

Take the above tips into account to make your commercial and strata painting in Sydney simple, and stress-free.